LED shop light @SLMH40

150W metal halide shop lighter by Philips are only equal to 30W led shop light.
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120cm LED T8 tube light 17W @T812S

Save 60% energy by replacing CFL with LED T8 tube lights.No mercury,no UV, and NO IR.
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LEKUNG INDUSTRIAL CO LTD is a professional LED manufacturer in China since 2003. We provide high quality LED and LED lights.
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Super thin LED panel light

Integrated with ceilings, LED panel lights give more comfortable lighting effect

Focus on Quality

Only quality LED products define the essence of LED advantages as the next generation lighting technology

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Customize with us

Welcome to get customized LED products with professional designs and high quality manufacturing.

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Successful Projects

By implementing LK products and services, plenty of projects are functioning with less energy cost and sustainable

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