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Architectural lighting for window ,archway ,canopy and corridor.
Decorative lights for holiday ,event ,show,exhibition .
DIY light for home use.
Backlight or edge lighting for sign.
The green LED strip light is one kind of most remarkable products in all our Flexible LED Strips. Its stable color is well suited for lighting confined spaces in need of a touch of light and can be creatively used in interiors. Because flexible led strip can be cut, Flexible LED Strip Lighting is well convenient installed and used in display cases. These strips in kitchen cabinet, under cabinet, any home lighting and confined spaces needed adding light, such as coves, valances, doorways, other hard-to-light nooks and crannies, which are our best-choose. They even can be decorated in edge-lit glass. The flexible LED strips with 120 degree and wide-angle beam can ensure evenly lighting and avoid leaving any shadows on surfaces.